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Super helpful and responsive!

"Whatsapped them to ask for suggestions for bf's birthday present, they gave me several options that fit my budget. They also made special arrangements to ensure the bearbrick would be delivered during lunchtime. Thank you guys! "

Tracy H

Fast delivery

"I needed it as a gift on the same day, even though it was late in the afternoon, they rushed the delivery for me and I got it within an hour of purchase. "

Kevin A

Regular and timely updates

"Have ordered twice from them, first item was in stock. I had a few questions about the design so they sent photos and videos of the actual stock for a better close up. Received item the next day. For the pre-order item they updated me when the stock was released from Medicom Toy Japan to them, and also when it was on the way to Singapore. Always have a bit of anxiety about delivery date with pre-order items but the communication helped. "

Shimin L

  • A collectible from MediCom Toy, Japan.

    Launched some 20 years ago, the name is derived from its figure as a cartoon-style representation of a bear, and a variation of MediCom Toy's Kubrick.

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  • Size down or size up.

    A standard size Bearbrick is 7cm, and referred to as a 100% size. Other sizes available include 50%, 70%, 400% and 1000%. At Drunkenbears, our Bearbrick range features the 100% (7cm), 400% (28cm) and 1000% (70cm).

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  • How much is a bearbrick?

    While Bearbricks are considered designer collectible toys, we bring our Bearbricks directly from the Japan factory to you, cutting out the middleman. Now everyone can own this designer collectible.

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