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Bearbrick Artistry: A Look at Collaborations with Renowned Artists “Banksy”

Bearbrick Artistry: A Look at Collaborations with Renowned Artists “Banksy”

Bearbrick and Banksy, two names that need no introduction in the world of art and design, have come together to create a series of iconic limited edition figures that have taken the world by storm. In this blog post, we'll explore the artistic collaboration between Bearbrick and Banksy, and discover the unique and thought-provoking designs that have emerged from this creative partnership.


"Banksy: The art world's most mysterious figure"

Banksy, the world-famous and elusive street artist, is recognized for his politically charged and thought-provoking works that challenge the status quo. His stencilled designs often contain poignant messages that address social issues and inspire discourse. Despite his popularity, the true identity of Banksy remains a mystery.  Bearbrick, on the other hand, is a collectible toy created by the Japanese company Medicom Toy. It has become a global phenomenon. The figure features a simplistic bear shape and is available in a range of sizes, colours, and designs. Many notable artists and designers have collaborated with Bearbrick to create unique designs that reflect their creative vision and style.

In recent years, Banksy and Brandalism - an art collective have joined forces to create unique and exciting collaborations that have thrilled fans of both brands. Banksy's creative and socially conscious style, combined with Bearbrick's playful and collectible design, has resulted in some truly unforgettable creations.

Exploring the powerful message behind Banksy's iconic 'Flower Thrower' artwork

Banksy's "Flower Thrower" is one of his most iconic pieces of art. The artwork depicts a man in a hoodie throwing a bouquet of flowers, as if it were a Molotov cocktail. The piece is a commentary on violence and war, juxtaposing the beauty of flowers with the destructive nature of weapons. The piece was first painted on a wall in Bethlehem, but has since been recreated and sold as prints and other merchandise. The Flower Thrower is often considered a symbol of hope and peace, despite its references to conflict.

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The renowned artist Banksy collaborated with the Japanese company Medicom Toy to produce the limited edition collectible toy, BE@RBRICK FLOWER BOMBER. The design features Banksy's iconic "Flower Thrower" stencil artwork, which depicts a protester throwing a bouquet of flowers like a Molotov cocktail. The figure is covered in the same black, grey, and white camouflage pattern as the original artwork. This unique collaboration between Medicom Toy and Banksy has resulted in a stunning and highly sought-after addition to any art toy collection.

“Laugh Now” artwork: a timeless piece of social commentary that remains relevant today.

Banksy's "Laugh Now" artwork is a popular piece that showcases his iconic chimpanzee design wearing a t-shirt with the message "Laugh Now, but one day we'll be in charge". The message of "Laugh Now" is both powerful and thought-provoking. Banksy's use of the monkey as a metaphor for humanity is a commentary on the way we behave and interact with each other. The phrase on the sandwich board is a warning to those in power, suggesting that the tables will turn one day and those who are currently laughing will be the ones under the control of the oppressed.

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Medicom Toy has partnered with Brandalism to release a limited edition Bearbrick that draws inspiration from the iconic artwork of Banksy, specifically the piece known as "Monkey Sign". The Bearbrick features an all-over pattern of the famous artwork, with the message "Do nothing you'll live longer" repeated multiple times across the figure's body. This collaboration between Medicom Toy, Brandalism, and Banksy pays tribute to the legendary artist's provocative and thought-provoking style, bringing his message to a wider audience through the popular platform of Bearbrick. The resulting product is a highly collectible and visually striking piece that combines the recognizable style of Banksy with the playful and iconic form of Bearbrick.

These limited edition figures have become highly sought after by collectors and fans of both Bearbrick and Banksy. They represent a unique blend of art and design, combining Bearbrick's playful and collectible nature with Banksy's thought-provoking and socially conscious messaging.

In conclusion, Medicom Toy x Brandalism collaboration has resulted in some of the most iconic limited edition figures of recent times. The creative partnership between Bearbrick and Banksy has brought together two distinct art forms to create something truly unique and thought-provoking. Whether you're a fan of Bearbrick, Banksy, or simply appreciate the art of collaboration, these limited edition figures are a must-have for any art and design enthusiast.