Fake vs Real Bearbricks

How to tell if you're getting the real thing?

With Bearbricks becoming increasingly popular, there have also been a lot of fakes in the market. The last thing you want is to be duped into adding a fake into your beloved bearbrick collection, or to gift someone a bearbrick only to realise (horror of horrors, it's fake! :x). Here are some pointers.

1. 400% + 100% vs 400% Box Set
Most authentic 400% bearbricks will come in a set of 400% (28cm) with a mini 100% (7cm) bearbrick.

2. Quality
A genuine bearbrick is made of hard, good quality material. While most of them are vinyl, they also come in other finishings as well such as wood, felt, metal and plastic. However, when compared side by side with a fake, one can tell the difference by touch.

3. Frosted Plastic Packaging
Your bearbrick should come in a frosted plastic packaging rather than a transparent casing.

4. Pricing
If the prices are too good to be true, they probably are. Low prices might seem like a bargain but after weeks of anticipation you could end up with a low quality imitation.

5. Hidden Tag QR Code
A genuine bearbrick would have a QR code that can be authenticated through the Hidden Tag App (download it from App Store/Play Store)

That said, always do your research and buy from a reputable company.

Here at Drunkenbears, we only sell authentic bearbricks.