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Spotlight - PiL Chrome Bear, Peko Chan, Maneki Neko!

PiL Chrome Bear

Ever heard of the band Public Image Limited (PiL)? Formed in London in the year 1978, they are regarded as one of the most innovative bands of all time and continue to thrive to this date! Taking inspiration from the British post-punk band, the PiL Chrome bear possesses a sleek design that comes with a playful twist! Characterised by its translucent belly encasing an array of multi-coloured pills, the PiL Chrome bear is perfect for reminiscing and paying homage to the rock scene in your very own home! 

Peko Chan

Look familiar? Well, you’ve probably seen this mascot embellishing the packaging of several Japanese sweets! Peko Chan is an iconic mascot of Fujiya, a Japanese manufacturer of cakes and confectionery items, making her debut in 1951 when the famous Milky brand soft milk candies was established. Did you know that her name makes reference to the Japanese onomatopoeia “peko peko” - the sound an empty stomach emits? On that note, for those fascinated by urban legends, a disturbing but intriguing one revolving around Peko Chan does exist! 

Aside from that, Peko Chan has a very sweet, innocent demeanour, emulated through her chubby cheeks, pigtails and bright smile adorning her face. This collectible is suited for greeting your guests as they enter your home and might even evoke a sense of nostalgia for those who grew up eating Milky candies!


Maneki Nekos

Do these cats remind you of a symbolic figure? If you thought of the Lucky/Beckoning Cat, you’re right! As stated in the name, Maneki directly translated to English is actually ‘beckoning’ or ‘welcoming’. Originating in Japan, the Beckoning Cat is a popular figure for reeling in good luck amongst Chinese businesses. Apart from the commonly used gold-coloured cat, were you aware that it comes in a range of other colours? 

Here is a quick crash course on the colours available and their significance:

  • white = purity/happiness
  • black = safety, warding off evil and stalkers
  • gold = wealth and prosperity
  • red = protection from evil & illness, especially in children
  • pink = love, relationships and romance
  • green = education or studies

As pictured, the Maneki Cats come in combinations of white and green, as well as yellow and black! Putting the knowledge we have just shared to use, you can figure out the significance of each cat. Why are their paws raised in a beckoning gesture? Well, these gestures, just like the varying colours, convey different messages. Having the left paw raised, as shown above, is meant to invite customers or people, whilst raising the right paw invites money and good fortune to your business. Additionally, having both paws raised invites protection to the home or business. Besides its auspicious qualities, these two-toned Maneki Cats are unique and add a stylish, modern kick to the room.

Do note that these designs are exclusive to the MEDICOM TOY Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi Store, its entrance graced with the iconic multi-coloured BE@RBRICK 3000% standing at about 2 metres tall. More information about the location can be found here!