Shizuoka Single Malt Japanese Whisky "United S" First Edition

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"United S" is a blend of whiskies distilled from Pot Still"W" and "K". This unique flavour is created by harmonising the whiskies with different characteristics from the two stills. It is understood that the blending ratio is 1:1.

The "S" in this product name not only indicates that it is the successor to Contact S, but is also the first letter of Shizuoka, Spirits, Single Malt, Sphere, etc. It's smooth and balanced taste can be compared to a ball (sphere).

"United" means a further evolution of the harmonious fusion of the two pot still whiskies encountered in "Contact".

The ingredients include Japanese barley malt as the core, Scottish non-peated malt, peated malt and beer malt. The barrels are primarily first-fill bourbon barrels, as well as wine barrels.

70 cl; 50.5% ABV

Comes in a gift carton Non-Chill Filtered | No Colouring Added 

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