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A collectible from MediCom Toy, Japan

Medicom Toy’s Bearbrick (or BE@RBRICK) first became an international sensation in the 2000s. For the uninitiated, Medicom Toy is one of the world’s most famed toy design studios based in the streets of Tokyo, Japan. Loved by waves of toy collectors globally, Medicom Toy’s Bearbrick collection has been wildly successful.

The Japanese-made toys have now been riding the collectibles wave, which is gaining momentum as a new outlet for sneakerheads, streetwear aficionados, and art lovers.

The Bearbrick stock has grown over the years as a result of many collaborations with some of the biggest names in contemporary art, fashion, and design.


An icon beyond our shores

Today, Medicom Toy’s Be@brick collectibles are nonetheless a major icon in fashion as it is in the fascinating world of toy collectibles. This vinyl toy uniquely blends pop culture references with an elegant build. The obsession with detail is coupled with the most inventive designs that combine the worlds of fashion, art and culture. Since its first release more than two decades ago, Bearbrick is now one of the most fervently collected figurines around the world.

Even though it is moderately priced, the plastic bear-shaped figurine is incredibly valuable to collectors. The auctions of some of these items fetch tens of thousands of dollars. This makes Bearbrick collections not only a pop culture hype, but also an economic force to reckon with.

Bearbrick figurines have definitively disrupted the toy market like no other.

A remarkable canvas for storytelling

The pot-bellied Bearbrick figurine’s stunning simplicity makes it an excellent canvas for storytelling. Hence, to little surprise, its designs have caught the attention of global brands as a means of viral marketing. From its early days, Japan’s Medicom Toy had already collaborated with Tokyo’s HMV record shop to design a unique Bearbrick, marking its first domestic collaboration.

Since then, Medicom Toy has produced seasonal and special release editions of the Bearbrick, in celebration of festivities and pop cultural trends. Some Bearbrick figurines have even donned on the mantle of famous cartoon and comic characters – ranging from Buzz Lightyear to Avengers superheroes.

Over the years, Bearbricks has seen big brand collaborations with Chanel, Nike, Hermès and more. This humble figurine has unknowingly been party to some of the world’s most successful fashion and streetwear brands.

Shop Bearbricks at Drunkenbears

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