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Suntory Smoky Umeshu barrel-aged 2021 Limited Edition (20%, 750ml)

Suntory Smoky Umeshu barrel-aged 2021 Limited Edition (20%, 750ml)

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The 2021 limited edition Yamazaki umeshu. Aged in barrels of aged smoky whiskey, the aroma is gorgeous and full-bodied. The aroma of the casks goes great with soda. By splitting one part umeshu to two parts soda, you can enjoy its deep richness and lingering aftertaste.
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How do I know your Bearbricks are authentic?

All of them come with a Japan shipping label, each bearbrick will also have a QR code label that can be scanned to verify authencity.

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We are unable to accomodate returns/exchanges unless they are due to physical defects.

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We've collaborated with Atome, whereby instead of paying the full amount for your purchase today, you just pay 1/3, with the rest to be spread out over the next 2 months.