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If you've scrolled here, you've stumbled upon another great secret of ours. We've brought great Japanese whiskies over to you.



Sip. Here's to premium whisky.

At Drunkenbears, we have direct access to these supplies, and continue to bring these exclusive whiskeys to our clients. You can be assured that statement whiskeys Hibiki and Yamazaki, newer distilleries of Chichibu or a wider variety of Japanese whiskeys are available here to meet any discerning palettes. Shop your whisky at Drunkenbears today.

How To Identify A Genuine Whisky

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For Hibiki

1. Liquid capacity

2. The bottle cap must have not been opened.

hibiki bottle cap

For Yamazaki

1. Blue arrow seam is genuine, red arrow seam is fake.

2. Relief logo is genuine.

yamazaki bottle cap

3. The bottle label must be intact, sometimes it may slightly curl during transportation.


4. Whether the liquid is radiant clear and the color does not deviate from the standard.

whisky fake vs real

5. When the bottle is shaken, the genuine bottle shows more bubbles.

whisky fake vs real

We've been supplying fine Japanese whiskies for over 10 years now

While we usually work with merchants and restaurants, we wanted to share the joy of whisky with consumers as well.
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